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Tom and Jelly


Snapshots of our beautiful, eccentric, lovable cats! We found Jellybean in our backyard and adopted Tom from #minicattown

Jellybean is a tuxedo cat, spunky and smart. She will reward you by licking your nose if you work hard enough to win her love. Tom is a fluff ball, huggable and friendly, always trying new things. He will put his head in a pumpkin, climb a Christmas tree and even walk on a treadmill. Tom and Jellybean complement each other to perfection. They both reside in sunny CA.

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Boiled Potatoes

Boiled Potatoes was an inside joke between me and my mom. She loved to write - way more than cooking. She was a teacher - a Professor of Hindi at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. She was a kind, soft spoken, strong and universally lovable person, who helped a lot of people in her life, and, who loved to write. Although she made a few signature dishes for special occasions, her regular favorite quick fix was boiled potatoes :) I always teased my mom saying that it was her boiled potatoes that made me so resilient and adaptable in life. That always made her laugh. Thanks to her, I was able to appreciate every flavor that came my way following her boiled potatoes. There are moments when I miss her presence heartbreakingly. But they never last. As if by magic, I feel my mind drifting towards a happy memory with her that makes me smile or even laugh out loud. I find her advice in subtle clues and accurately timed help popping up when I need it the most. My mom and I shared a magical bond,

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Boards that are colorful and helpful. "My Colorful World" is my very own board which I refer to when I need inspiration and to celebrate who I am!